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Few words about me, I am currently conducting my research activities as a Senior Scientific Researcher / Research Project Leader at the Center for Microscopy-Microanalysis and Information Processing of Politehnica Bucharest (CMMIP-UPB). I hold a bachelor (2007) and a PhD degree (2011) in Electronics, both awarded by University Politehnica Bucharest, and since 2022 I hold a Habilitation Degree in Physics, and currently act as a PhD supervisor in Physics, affiliated to the Doctoral School of Applied Sciences of Politehnica Bucharest. My main topics of research so far have focused mainly on (i) optical characterization of biological species and advanced materials using scanning laser and scanning probe microscopies, (ii) hardware (opto-mechatronics and electronics) developments and image processing techniques for high-resolution imaging at micro- and nanoscales (iii) development of automated microscopy/nanoscopy data analysis methods based on machine and deep learning.

To date, I have participated in >30 Research Projects supported by national or European funding bodies. I was Principal Investigator/Partner Leader for over 10 grants, with a total budget > 2.5 mil EUR, including for two European collaborative projects funded under H2020 ATTRACT’s competition for breakthrough technology concepts. Among others, my scientific activities have led to the publication of >85 journal articles published/accepted in Web of Science indexed journals (~38% as first or co-corresponding author), over 30 WOS conference proceedings articles, and >20 invited talks (at conferences or international institutions). ~80% of my WOS journal articles are published in Q1/Q2 journals, including in journals with IF>10, such as PNAS (first/corresponding author), Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Nano Today, Biomaterials, Small, Laser & Photonics Reviews or Journal of Advanced Research (co-corresponding author). My work attracted >1450 citations according to Google Scholar, where my current h-index is 21. Among others, I serve as Senior Editor for IEEE Photonics Journal and Associate Editor for Frontiers in Photonics, and Grant Awarding Coordinator, Short Terms Scientific Mission Coordinator, and Work group (6) Co-Lead, in the COST Action CA19118 ESSENCE.

Research Interests:
My main research interests revolve around scanning laser and scanning probe microscopies, with special emphasis on connected image processing and computer vision applications. The main research directions that I follow are :
  • Scanning Laser and Scanning Probe Microscopies (CSLM, TPEF, SHG, FLIM, ASNOM, AFM, MFM)
  • Correlative Microscopy – Nanoscopy approaches
  • Image processing, image fusion and computer vision techniques for 2D, 3D and 4D data sets collected using optical  microscopy and nanoscopy techniques
  • Transfer of existing image processing, image fusion and computer vision techniques developed for natural images to the realm of optical microscopy and nanoscopy
  • Analysis and understanding of microscopy and nanoscopy data
  • Artificial intelligence for automated data analysis
  • Development of novel image metrology methods and new image quality metrics
  • Biophotonics (disease diagnostics using light/tissue interactions)
  • Development of novel microscopy equipment and systems
  • Development of new sample characterization protocols that optimize sample visualization
  • Applied physics (optoelectronics, optics, photonics, surface science)
  • Biomedical engineering (tissue characterization and diseases diagnostics using combined light microscopy/nanoscopy approaches).
  • Characterization and synthesis of advanced materials (biomaterials, metamaterials)
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Label-based and label-free virtual histopahtology.


laser scanning microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, optical nanoscopy, biophotonics, nanophotonics, applied physics, optics, biomedical engineering, micro and nano biotechnologies, advanced nanomaterials,  image acquisition, image processing, computer vision, image fusion, image understanding, image analysis, image metrology, algorithm development and optimization, sample characterization, sample preparation.


Dr. Stefan G. Stanciu

Scientific Researcher

Center for Microscopy – Microanalysis and Information Processing [link]

‘Politehnica’ University of Bucharest [link]

stefan.stanciu [-at-] cmmip-upb [-dot-] org



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